Kurashina Research Group
Multi-scale bioMedical and Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

Overview of Kurashina research group

We devises multi-scale “soft” robots from nano- to macro-scale using micro/nano engineering based on MEMS and machining and mechanical dynamics based on ultrasonic vibration. Using these technologies, our research goal is to construct a new platform for cutting-edge medical treatment, such as in vitro/in vivo drug delivery systems (DDS), tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine.

Join us

Our research group is a new laboratory established in 2022. We welcome energetic students and researchers to work with us. Students who wish to tour our laboratories or meet with us should feel free to send an e-mail to Kurashina (kurashina [at] go.tuat.ac.jp).

We also accept graduate students (master’s and doctoral courses) from other universities and research institutes, as well as JSPS Postdoctoral Fellows (DC, PD, RPD, foreign nationals). Please feel free to contact Kurashina.

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